Zone wise school list in Haryana State. Govt. has introduced the online transfer policy in Education Department Haryana. The government implemented the zone wise online transfer policy to make the teachers transfer corruption free. According to the online transfer policy in Haryana, teachers have to change the school compulsory in every five years. District wise school zone list is given here.

  • Primary Schools– Up to 5th class
  • Middle Schools– Up to 8th class
  • High Schools– Up to 10th class
  • Senior Secondary Schools– Up to 12th class

Latest Zone Wise School List in Haryana State

All the school in the state are divded in to zone. New List of all the upper-primary and primary schools zone wise are given below.

Primary/Middle/High/ Sr. Sec. School- Zone Wise
  1. Ambala: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  2. Bhiwani: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  3. Faridabad: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  4. Fatehabad: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  5. Gurugram: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  6. Hisar: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  7. Jhajjar: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  8. Jind: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  9. Kaithal: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  10. Karnal: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  11. Kurukshetra: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  12. Mahendergarh: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  13. Nuh Mewat: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  14. Palwal: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  15. Panchkula: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  16. Panipat: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  17. Rewari: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  18. Rohtak: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  19. Sirsa: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  20. Sonipat: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)
  21. Yamuna Nagar: List(JBT)-/ List(Sr. Sec.)

Downlaod Revised Zone wise list whole Haryana
Primary school list- Zone wise
  1. Ambala- List(JBT)
  2. Bhiwani- List(JBT)
  3. Faridabad- List(JBT)
  4. Fatehabad- List(JBT)
  5. Gurugram-List(JBT)
  6. Hisar-List(JBT)
  7. Jhajjar-List(JBT)
  8. Jind- List(JBT)
  9. Kaithal- List(JBT)
  10. Karnal- List(JBT)
  11. Kurukshetra- List(JBT)
  12. Mahendergarh- List(JBT)
  13. Nuh Mewat- List(JBT)
  14. Palwal- List(JBT)
  15. Panchkula-List(JBT)
  16. Panipat- List(JBT)
  17. Rewari- List(JBT)
  18. Rohtak- List(JBT)
  19. Sirsa- List(JBT)
  20. Sonipat- List(JBT)
  21. Yamuna Nagar- List(JBT)

Zone wise school list of whole Haryana click here

In transfer Online relieving and online joining is must in Haryana Govt. schools. All the details of Govt. employee are also on HRMS. Haryana Education Department divided all the schools (Primary, Middle, High, Senior Secondary) into 7 zones (Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5, Zone 6, Zone 7). Zone 1 is in the city of that District (Nearest) and zone 7 is the farthest from City/Block.


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